About us

Nature’s Boards have been around since 2010 and love creating wood products from trees to the table for everyone to enjoy. Come and visit us at the Eumundi Markets, Stall 324 on a Wednesday or Saturday and find a beautiful cutting or charcuterie board for yourself or buy a handmade, eco-friendly gift for that special someone.

Proudly 100% Australian Owned

Nature’s Boards are an environmentally conscious, family owned business that produces a range of handcrafted, boutique products from ethically sourced Camphor Laurel timber. All the cutting and chopping boards, cheese platters and serving trays are made in the small town of Nambour on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

As a carpenter by trade, Tony loves working with timber and finding unique grains and features within the wood that highlight its natural beauty and creating stunning boards. Jane is creative at heart and loves all things interior design and home decoration.  With an eye for aesthetically pleasing and practical, she helps design Nature’s Boards products, sources accessories, and markets their one-of a kind, boutique boards.

Nature’s Boards loves creating high quality products that are handcrafted and designed to be unique at an affordable price for everyone to enjoy every day.

Environmentally sustainable

Through their products Nature’s Boards strive to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable future for generations to come. Camphor Laurel trees are recognized as an alien species in Australia; therefore control programs remove Camphor Laurel trees and replace them with native Australian trees. Nature’s Boards play a part in positively impacting the environment by repurposing this ethically acceptable timber to ensure the beautiful Australian flora and fauna is cared for and maintained.


Camphor Laurel is a naturally hygienic and antibacterial timber, when compared to plastic, pine, and it's also superior to glass too. An added bonus is the wood grain does not dull good quality chef's knives.  A set of wooden boards will last for a lifetime (or two) and are a must have kitchen accessory.

Nature’s Boards have been added to thousands of kitchens and homes across Australia as well as overseas. There are so many stories and reviews from people enjoying Nature’s Boards for many, many years. The charcuterie boards, cutting and carving boards and especially the Australiana range are a great memento of an Australian holiday and a perfect gift to take overseas for friends and relatives you are visiting.

Nature’s Boards are proud to offer sustainable and completely unique kitchen accessories and homewares for everyone. Contact us if you would like to organise a custom-made gift or special kitchen accessory.


  • WINNER of Eumundi Business Awards 2007/2008 for BEST PRODUCT
  • Finalist of Eumundi Business Awards 2006/2007 for BEST PRODUCT
  • Finalist MEMENTO AUSTRALIA AWARDS 2006 for Aussie Cheese Board

"As honoured as we are to have received these awards, we strongly feel our greatest achievement has been our ability to remain committed to the Australian economic future by keeping our production here in Australia, and also working cohesively as a family unit whilst contributing to the environment in a positive way."