Care & Maintenance

Wood Food Boards made from Camphor laurel timber are easy to care for and low maintainance. Follow the simple steps below on how to look after your cheese platter, cutting board or chaurcuterie serving tray from Nature's Boards.  It will last for years to come and look as good as new. Get the most out of your beautiful camphor laurel wood with the tips below.

Care after use

Once you have used your Camphor Laurel board:

  • Hand wash it with warm to hot water and detergent, then rinse your timber board with clean water
  • Stand it upright in a dish rack and let it air-dry completely, alternatively towel dry it evenly on both sides and put it away.

What not to do with your wood board:

  • Never put camphor laurel boards in the dishwasher
  • Exposing wooden boards to heat, even direct sunlight for long periods, can cause burns, warping or cracking
  • Soaking timber in water, also can cause warping or cracking 
  • Bleaching boards destroys the natural antibacterial properties in the Camphor Laurel timber.


When boards start to look dull or dry and lack luster, it's time to oil your boards. Generally it is good to do every two to six months depending on how often your use them. Coat the board with a serving spoon or two of oil depending on the size of the board, use a paper towel to wipe the board all over and let it sit and soak into the wood for about 20 minutes. 


  • T-shirt material is great for applying the oil, if you have an old one lying around, cut it up and use that as a dedicated oiling cloth.
  • We recommend grapeseed oil, however use your choice of oil that does not go rancid.