Camphor Laurel Information

Camphor Laurel trees are an evergreen species that's not native to Australia. In the early 1820s, it was introduced from South East Asia. Australia’s beautiful climate suited these hardwood trees so well, that the species has thrived. Unfortunately it aggressively invades moist gullies, open woodlands, rainforests, and vegetation near waterways. Seeds are quickly spread through birds, animals and along waterways. It is now found along most of the Australian East Coast and is considered a weed or pest species.

It was initially used as an ornamental garden tree for shade and windbreaks and to help aid soil erosion. The vigorous growth quickly stifles native species as mature trees can grow anywhere from 15 to 30 metres tall. Its dense canopy competes with and replaces native species like the native blue gums (Eucalyptus tereticornis) one of the koala’s favourite food trees. The tree is also toxic to many of Australia's native fauna.

Camphor Laurel control is now managed by community groups around Australia as it's among the top ten invasive weeds in Northern Queensland and other states. It has also been listed in the Global Invasive Species Database.  


Safe & Eco-friendly

The good news is Camphor Laurel timber makes beautiful wooden food boards for entertaining, in the kitchen or anything to do with food. The naturally occurring anti-bacterial oils are held in the Camphor Laurel wood grains forever, so your board won't wear out over time.

Camphor Laurel timber was tested against other food preparation surfaces like plastic, glass and other wood surfaces and Camphor Laurel contained the least fungi and bacteria. It is an excellent food preparation surface and the most hygienic and aesthetically pleasing accessory for your kitchen benchtop or entertainment area. The wood grain of camphor laurel reduces microbial growth and cross-contamination, and good quality knives do not get as damaged when cutting on the Camphor Laurel wood. 

Plus the wood smells wonderful – just wait until you open your Nature’s Board delivery or pop into our Eumundi Market, Stall 324.


Sustainable & Ethical

Being an environmentally-conscious family owned business, we chose to use Camphor Laurel wood for our boards so we can help replenish native flora, and create sustainable and ethical timber products for everyone to enjoy, everyday.

Nature’s Boards are all crafted out of salvaged Camphor Laurel wood from the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Hinterlands, cleared to make more space for our native flora and fauna to flourish. 

As an ethically acceptable timber it is highly prized by wood turners and furniture makers alike.  The timber is very durable and will last for many years (generations even). Be sure to read the easy Care & Maintenance guidelines.


Unique & Beautiful

The Camphor Laurel species in Australia has developed into somewhat of a hybrid, the unusual colours and magnificent grains are stunning. The wood has a buttery soft texture with a lovely clean smell. 

Timber will vary in appearance and character, depending on the growing conditions of the tree. All the experiences a tree goes through, like the amount of rain or sunshine the tree soaked up, and the climate changes show through the timber grain. Wandering lines, ripples, sap pockets and knots come in honey-blonde tones all the way to warm browns and dramatic blacks.

The variety of wood grain and colouring found in Camphor Laurel wood ensures that every Nature's Board is unique, and each handmade piece tells its own beautiful story.